Programme Saturday 5th April 2008

Os Justi - Anton  Bruckner
Missa Dum Complerentur - Tomas Luis de Victoria  
Three Madrigals - Michael Winikoff
    1. Since First
    2. Weep
    3. Pastime 
Three Shakespeare Songs - R Vaughan Williams
    Full Fathom Five
    The Cloud-Capp'd Towers
    Over Hill, Over Dale
Three Shakespeare Songs - Matthew Harris
    Come, Thou Monarch of the Vine
    And Will A' Not Come Again?
    Sigh No More Ladies 
Laura - Reading Shakespeare
Two English Folksongs - R. Vaughan Williams
    The Lover's Ghost
    Just as the Tide Was Flowing
Maddy (2 Folksongs)
The Storm is Passing Over
The Angel Rolled that Stone Away


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