Romulus Singers Summer Concert

Cartmel Priory

7.30pm Saturday 19th July 2008

Os Justi - Anton Bruckner

Iste Confessor  - Domenico Scarlatti
Tebe Poem - Bortniansky
Prayers from the Ark - Ivor Davies
    The Prayer of the Raven
    The Prayer of the Mouse
    The Prayer of the Cat
Fragments From His Dish - Bob Chilcott
   The Clean Platter
   The Pie
   Harvest in My Croft
   Christmas Day 1666
   Whines from the Wood
Three Shakespeare Songs - Vaughan Williams
   Full Fathom Five
   The Cloud-Capp'd Towers
   Over Hill, Over Dale
Shakespeare Songs - Matthew Harris
   Come ye Monarchs of the Vines    
   Hark, Hark! the Lark!
   You Spotted Snakes
   Who is Silvia? 
English Folksongs - Vaughan Williams
   The Spring Time of The Year
   Just as the Tide was Flowing
   The Lover's Ghost
Don't it Make My Brown Eyes Blue - Richard Leigh